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Dr. Daniel Pompa
Dr. Daniel Pompa, America’s leading health evangelist, is on a mission to educate practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation-driven disease. Although trained as a chiropractor, his authority is rooted in his own battle, having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning, using unique cellular detoxification strategies. For the past two decades, Dr. Pompa has been studying, practicing, and teaching True Cellular Detox™ around the world.

Research interests include therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, and cellular healing and detoxification. Past presentations range from “Ancient Healing Secrets,” and “The Ins and Outs of Ketosis: Clinical Wisdom,” to his personal story “From Pain to Purpose to Promise,” unveiling how his health struggles, family tragedy and legal battles have transformed him into a powerful evangelist to fulfill his purpose.

A leader in the field of functional medicine, Dr. Pompa’s work can be found at and on his weekly Cellular Healing TV podcasts which are viewed worldwide by thousands. In addition, Dr. Pompa’s speaking engagements on health include audiences of international presidents and delegates, as well as on some of the largest natural health stages in the country for both public and practitioners along side health experts such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Carl McMillan, Dr. Gerry Curatola, David Wolfe and Mercury Free advocate Robert F. Kennedy Junior.
Dr. Patrick Gentempo
Dr. Patrick Gentempo is the CEO and Co-founder of Action Potential Holdings, Inc. with his wife, Laurie as well as the CEO of Revealed Films where he also plays the role of ‘Host’ for their popular documentary series.  He is often referred to as the “Philosopher-Entrepreneur” and has key-noted hundreds of presentations around the world.

Dr. Gentempo is also the author of the breakthrough book; YOUR STAND IS YOUR BRAND – which is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-seller published by Hay House.

While practicing as a chiropractor, he co-developed innovative diagnostic technologies, received patents and built a considerable international business of which he was the CEO for over 20 years.  Leveraging his ‘applied philosophy’ approach, he has launched over a dozen companies.  He has given testimony to Congress and to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine on healthcare issues.

Dr. Gentempo is passionate about the use of philosophy as a practical tool for success and achievement. His unique perspectives have captured worldwide attention.  His TEDx talk, “Unleashing the Power of Philosophy”, received spirited accolades.  His views have been published by and he has appeared on numerous programs and podcasts.

As Dr. Gentempo likes to say, “Everyone has a philosophy, the only question is whether they know it or not!”  He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife Laurie and children.
Dr. Shayne Morris
Shayne Morris Ph.D., M.B.A, C.N.S.  A Natural Product Biochemist and Molecular biologist specializing in beneficial interactions between our cellular biological systems and a combination of our microbiota with therapeutic herbal ingredients.   My research background in biochemistry and microbiology has yielded a number of peer reviewed publications with more on the way, in addition, I have multiple patents in the area of nutrition and microbiome research.   I am part of a legacy beginning with my grandfather and continuing with my ongoing passion for this industry.  My experience has now traversed over 30 years and has included many disciplines like: manufacturing, graduate research/teaching, corporate executive, regulatory compliance, product development and marketing. 

As part of my ongoing research we study how using specific phytochemicals and their influence on both our cells and our gastrointestinal, urogenital and skin microbiota.    This is perhaps the most revolutionary areas of natural science, it underlies the long-lived relationship between our cells, the microbiota (our newest organ) and the herbs we use as medicine.  Through these efforts we have shown how specific compounds (polyphenolics, vitamins and flavonoids, anti-oxidants) can influence our microbiome in unprecedented ways.  Together the new paradigm can provide more personal and effective formulas. I am also so infinitely grateful to have my family, Amy McKelle, Cambrye and Harper they are best experiment I have every performed. 
Dr. Mindy Pelz
Dr. Mindy Pelz, D.C is a best selling author, keynote speaker, nutrition and functional medicine expert who has spent over two decades helping thousands of people successfully reclaim their health. She is a recognized leader in the alternative health field and a pioneer in the fasting movement, teaching the principles of a fasting lifestyle, diet variation, detox, hormones, and more. Her popular YouTube channel combines the latest science with practical lifestyle tools every person can use to reset their health. She is the host of one of the leading science podcasts, The Resetter Podcast, and the author of three best-selling books; The Menopause Reset, The Reset Factor, and The Reset Kitchen. 
Ben Azadi
Founder of Keto Kamp

Ben Azadi, FDN-P, is on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle. Ben is the author of three best-selling books, The Perfect Health Booklet, The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet, and The Power of Sleep. Ben has been the go-to source for intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. He is known as ‘The Health Detective’ because he investigates dysfunction, and educates, not medicate, to bring the body back to normal function.
David Asarnow
David Asarnow has an MBA in Business Results!  In his 20’s David built a $45 million NEW division for a 50-year-old $60 million company over five years. In his 30’s he launched a National Franchise company that was ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 in less than three years and was rated a TOP 15 HOT Franchise in less than five years.

After this success, David wanted to help more businesses than he could within his franchise.  He decided to conquer his fear of stage fright and become a business speaker.  In less than two years David was speaking for business icons Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.  According to Mitch Russo, Tony and Chet’s CEO, “ I have had the opportunity to experience many great professional sales trainers and motivational keynote speakers.  David Asarnow stands out as one of the best.  David was Business Breakthrough’s top producing speaker.  I can’t say enough about his business acumen and ability to break through the clutter and get down to results.”

David Asarnow is a sought after business speaker, sales trainer and business growth expert.  Over the past seven years, in addition to building his businesses (Business Oxygen and Business Nitrogen), David has become the go-to expert for entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners looking to MONETIZE and ACCELERATE their business results.
Dr. John Lieurance
Dr. John Lieurance,  is a naturopathic physician, chiropractic neurologist, and all-around expert in medical biohacking who has been in private practice in Florida for 25 years.

He is the chief scientific advisor of™ and heads up, a multi-disciplinary clinic with a focus on treating chronic diseases, regenerative medicine, functional neurology, psychedelic therapies,  functional medicine, and regenerative stem cell therapy.

He is an author of 2 books: “Melatonin:Miracle Molecule Beyond Sleep” and “Its All in Your Head”.

Dr. Lieurance has spent most of his career focused on finding solutions for hearing loss, balance disorders, tinnitus, degenerative neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's, autoimmune disease, chronic Lyme, CIRS, and mold illness and has suffered from chronic Lyme and mold illness himself for many years. From his treatments, he has seen the same success and ability to recover and regain a normal life—free from the chronic inflammation and pain associated with those disorders—in himself as well as in his patients.

As a Naturopathic physician and Chiropractic Neurologist I have been interested in antiaging and reversing disease for 30 years. My focus has been on cellular energy as a means to allow the body to have “the force” it needs to do the work necessary.  After suffering from severe Lyme and Mold illness for 14 years I have experienced first hand what it's like to be at the lowest end of this spectrum with little help from modern medicine to get any relief from the chronic fatigue and intense inflammation.  It’s a “pain to purpose” story and its made me a better healer in many ways. First off it pushed me to search hard for the deepest cause of most all diseases, we will dive into this a little in the article, and second it's made me sensitive to others suffering as I have been there myself. My suffering has also driven me to develop a product line focused on some of the key challenges I faced and my patients face.
Peter Martone
Dr. Peter Martone has been dedicated to creating the healthiest most empowered tribe of people on the planet for over the past 20 years. He is the owner of Atlantis Chiropractic Wellness Centers and the inventor of the neck nest, a modern pillow for the modern day lifestyle designed to improve you posture while you sleep. Dr. Martone’s techniques have been featured nationally on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news stations and currently travels the country teaching people regain their health by mastering the art of sleep.
Paul Barattiero
Paul Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 22 years. 12 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the vast benefits of molecular hydrogen dissolved in drinking water. His message has focused on the critical role of molecular hydrogen (H2) to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

His lectures present the causal problem and the solutions through scientific studies. He developed the Echo® hydrogen enriched water system as well as other products to modulate immune and cognitive function. Paul has lectured across the world and has been on national television in USA, Germany, and Switzerland including Doug Kaufman’s television show Know the Cause. He was featured in “The Truth about
Cancer” documentary by Ty Bollinger and has been on radio shows and podcasts worldwide including the Robert Scott Bell Show. Paul works diligently to educate individuals how to prevent disease and no longer suffer. Paul’s greatest joys come from serving others. He is passionate about the prevention of pathologies. He founded Synergy Science, Inc. and developed a full line of products focused on detoxification, immune
boost, and gut recovery.
Dr. Michael Steward
Dr. Michael Steward has been a licensed physician for over 20 years. He is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and is board eligible in family medical practice, a specialist in HIV treatment, palliative care, and cannabinoid medicine. He has owned and operated the largest HIV care practice in a 5-state region. He has held a medical director position in the areas of hospice and home health care. He is an owner in one of California's largest Cannabis Companies, and is on multiple pharmaceutical advisory boards.
Dr. Scott Chandler
Dr. Scott Chandler attended dental school at the University of Kentucky and has actively practiced dentistry since 2001. Dr. Chandler practiced for ten years in Idaho before he moved to Utah and founded his dental practice. He found his calling in biological dentistry and is one of very few holistic dentists in the state. He believes strongly in treating the whole person, not just the mouth, and focuses care on optimum wellness for his patients. Dr. Scott Chandler is a family man. As the father of eleven children, there is never a dull moment in his house. He greatly enjoys riding motorcycles and hunting with his children. Dr. Chandler also generously donates his time to charitable endeavors like being a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts and treating patients who might otherwise never have access to dental care at Community Health Connection. He also uses his skills to provide dental work to foreign missionaries through area churches.
Kelly Kennedy
Like many who enter the world of biological & energetic healing, Kelly Kennedy had her own traumatic experiences that stimulated her in finding another approach to health.  Her training started more traditionally at Cornell University with a desire to be an allopathic medical doctor.  However, one particular year she was faced with her own health matters and the premature passing of her father. These experiences confirmed what Kelly intuitively knew within her bones; that good health was not restored through prescriptions. 

After twenty three years of building a health and wellness practice based in Bio-Regulatory medicine, Kelly is now paving the way for a new vitalistic wellness system to blossom.

A Bio-Regulatory system, where therapists, doctors, and specialists work collaboratively within a paradigm that focuses on allowing the innate intelligence of each unique individual to truly heal the body.
Kelly loves to talk about Regulation and Lymph and is often referred to as the “lymph queen”. Kelly is physically based outside of Philadelphia, PA with her husband Ian (her original practitioner in this world, blessed to be his wife now) and their son Silas. She continues to see and help clients with a bio-regulatory approach at The True Wellness Center in North Wales, PA and in Bluffton, SC. You can find Kelly virtually at,  notmedsglobal  YouTube channel & Instagram handle as well as on her podcast “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”. Kelly has many projects in the works, make sure to subscribe to stay in touch as she continues to bring her heart to the world.
Dr. Pompa does not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, he does not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and Dr. Pompa does not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Pompa has retired from chiropractic in order to more effectively pursue his dream of world health.
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