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Drew Manning
Drew Manning is the NYT Best Selling Author of the book, Fit2Fat2Fit, and creator of the hit TV show on A&E, Fit To Fat To Fit. His journey started when he created the idea of Fit2Fat2Fit in 2011 that went viral and landed him on shows such as Dr. Oz, The View, GMA and many more. He is now a proponent of a ketogenic lifestyle, helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide embrace a healthy lifestyle change. He is also the author of a new book, Compete Keto.
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD
Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. is a prominent leader in the Integrative/Functional Medicine medical field (taking the best of all sciences, including Homeopathic and Conventional treatments). She is the Medical Director of two amazing clinics: “The Cancer Center For Healing” & “Center For New Medicine”. The combined clinics have become the largest Integrative Medical Clinic in North America, and visited by patients from all over the world with 47,000 patients.

The Center For New Medicine focuses on prevention and Internal Medicine along with, yearly physicals, auto-immune disease, natural hormone replacement, chronic issues and everyone’s favorite Aesthetics. Dr. Connealy feels we must treat “the Whole person”, the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient, while determining the “origin of the illness”.

Dr. Connealy created the Cancer Center For Healing as a result of the epidemic spreading of Cancer. Patients receive scientifically based treatments and receive integrative protocols. She has created an acute awareness for the need to focus on cancer prevention, providing unique testing to determine the early stages of cancer, years before a scan reveals or is recognized. Through RGCC genetic testing for example, she and her skilled team can create personalized treatment plans for early to late stage cancer patients.

She has discovered that many factors contribute to the disease process; therefore, many modalities must be used to reverse it, and spending the proper time with each patient to allow for reversal of the disease. Dr. Connealy and her team of practitioners, make this happen each and every day at her multi-disciplined “state of the art” clinic, while providing quality of life treatments. Some of our treatments and services may be billable to major PPO Plans.

Dr. Connealy is the author of two books, “The Cancer Revolution” published in 2017, and prior to that the “Be Perfectly Healthy” book in 2009, and has revolutionized the landscape of medicine. In 2017, she was named one of the top 50 functional & integrative doctors in the country. Dr. Connealy began a TV Series as host of “Dr. Detective TV” airing on the JUL-TV Television Network which began in 2018.
Donna Gates
Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP, is the international best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity and The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation. For the last 25 years, she has been on a mission to change the way the world eats. Her first book, The Body Ecology Diet, introduced the world to a sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and probiotic-rich diet and a way of life that is now followed by tens of thousands of people around the world. The Diet grew to popularity initially by word of mouth and all these years later, still stands the test of time.

Donna’s groundbreaking work has been instrumental in transforming the natural foods industry. In 1994, Donna introduced a powdered blend of stevia rebaudioside to the US and it has since become the safest and most popular natural sweeter in the world. She pioneered and championed foods like young coconut kefir and coconut oil, and coined the phrase “inner ecosystem” to describe the still undiscovered network of microbes in our gut, now called the “Microbiome.” To restore balance and thriving gut health, Donna’s innovative approach to detoxing features four actions of healing – creating energy, correcting digestion, cleansing out the toxins, and conquering any infections. She also began teaching about the long-forgotten health benefits of fermented foods to provide the diversity needed in a healthy gut.Over the past 30 years, Donna has become one of the most respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition. In 2013, she completed an Advanced Fellow with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Donna’s extensive research and keeps her ahead latest passion is nutritional genomics.
Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp
Dr. Nathalie is a successful chiropractor, business owner, and entrepreneur.  With years of experience in business and the health and wellness industry, she has much to offer when leading other business owners to new levels of success.

As an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right, Dr. Nathalie is the owner of Sante Chiropractic & Wellness Centre (a 7-figure practice). She is also a certified professional fitness trainer, a professional natural figure/bodybuilder, a lecturer and local TV personality, and the author of “Hack Your Health Habits” Dr. Nathalie has also created an online coaching program called the “Hack Your Health Habits Mastery Program." She is also the founder of the annual Orleans Wellness Expo, a community based event that gathers over 1,500 people each year.

Dr. Nathalie is driven by a passion for health and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to lead, educate and empower people to build healthy lives and businesses. She is dedicated to coaching and mentoring business owners and professionals to build thriving businesses that create significant value for the communities they serve. She strives to help her clients create solutions and opportunities that will help them achieve the results they are looking for.
Andrew Wakefield
Andrew Wakefield MB.BS., is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London in 1981. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and trained as a gastrointestinal surgeon with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the U.K. in 2001. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters.

In 1995, as an academic physician working in a London teaching hospital, he was contacted by the parent of an autistic child with stomach issues. He soon learned from several other parents with autistic behaviors, that their children’s regressive behavior immediately followed an MMR vaccine. He started investigating a possible role between gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield participated in a study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The ensuing report, written with twelve other authors would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of Medicine.
Dr. Angela Lauria
Dr. Angela E. Lauria is the founder of The Author Incubator™ and creator of the Difference
Process™ for writing a book that matters. In 2018, The Author Incubator was ranked #275 on
the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and #87 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360.
Dr. Angela won the Stevie Award’s Coach/Mentor of the Year Award and her program, The
Author’s Way was named Coaching Program of the Year and was named, by Entrepreneur
Magazine, as one of the top 10 most inspiring entrepreneurs to watch – one of only 2 women on
the list.

Dr. Angela has been helping people free their inner author since 1994, she has helped over 1,000
authors-in transformation write, publish, and promote their books.  Her clients have been seen
everywhere from Vanity Fair to O Magazine to the Today Show, and their books have been
responsible for over $100 million in cumulative revenue.

She has a B.A. and an M.A. in Journalism and Media Affairs from The George Washington
University and a PhD in Communications from The European Graduate School. She is the author
of Make ‘Em Beg to Be Your Client: The Nonfiction Authors’ Guide to Selling, Serving, and
Funding a Movement, Make 'Em Beg to Publish Your Book: How To Reach A Larger Audience
& Make A Full-Time Income In The Extremely Overcrowded World of Personal
Development, The Incubated Author: 10 Steps to Start a Movement with Your Message, and The
Difference: 10 Steps To Writing A Book That Matters. She lives at The Author Castle in McLean,
Virginia with her son Jesse and her Castle cat Princesses Feathers & Foxy McFuzz Bucket.
Ashleigh Di Lello
Ashleigh Di Lello is a professional dancer, wellness coach, speaker, and elite fitness trainer known for her appearances on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

At age 13, Ashleigh was suddenly faced with a life-threatening illness and was told she wouldn't survive past her teenage years. Her illness was the beginning of a 20-year journey where she would battle widespread chronic pain, a broken metabolism, endless starvation, rapid weight gain, and a destructive relationship with her body and food. Against all odds, she persevered and overcame the impossible and her mission in life is to help others do the same.

She is the creator of multiple courses and coaching programs including: The Food Freedom Revolution, The New Thin, The Body Freedom Revolution, and Turning Pain Into Purpose. Her programs are helping women finally heal their relationship with their bodies, find food freedom, and thrive in their lives despite living with chronic pain or illness.

During her 20-year journey of battling chronic pain and illness, Ashleigh discovered that in order to fully heal the body, you also have to treat the brain.  This led her to develop Bio Emotional Healing™, a process based in neuroscience that helps her clients reprogram the brain's hardwired responses to pain and the emotional conditioning of the body.
Brandy Kinnear
Brandy Kinnear is a passionate driven entrepreneur, mom, wife, motivator, speaker and founder of Your Ideal Patients (Digital Marketing Agency for Natural health practitioners) and a CME certified online education platform for Integrative Practitioners. With over 13 years in the industry consulting for practitioners and multidisciplinary clinics Brandy is well versed in the needs of both patients and practices.

She began her career in natural health working with a trailblazing physician that needed to make a larger impact with his wisdom. Brandy took his practice to 7 figures in 2 years and knew after that, she had to help more doctors reach more patients. As a Digital Marketing Strategist and a practice management consultant, she continued to see a huge deficiency in utilizing technology and online marketing to grow practices. With a deep dive into digital marketing, she became focused on helping doctors understand their message, understand their patients, reach larger audiences and show up as experts online. Brandy is disrupting the average practice, helping to build systems, efficiencies and utilizing technology to reduce redundancies and online marketing to grow practices across North America.
Dr. Daniel Pompa
Dr. Daniel Pompa, America’s leading health evangelist, is on a mission to educate practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation-driven disease. Although trained as a chiropractor, his authority is rooted in his own battle, having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning, using unique cellular detoxification strategies. For the past two decades, Dr. Pompa has been studying, practicing, and teaching True Cellular Detox™ around the world.

Research interests include therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, and cellular healing and detoxification. Past presentations range from “Ancient Healing Secrets,” and “The Ins and Outs of Ketosis: Clinical Wisdom,” to his personal story “From Pain to Purpose to Promise,” unveiling how his health struggles, family tragedy and legal battles have transformed him into a powerful evangelist to fulfill his purpose.

A leader in the field of functional medicine, Dr. Pompa’s work can be found at and on his weekly Cellular Healing TV podcasts which are viewed worldwide by thousands. In addition, Dr. Pompa’s speaking engagements on health include audiences of international presidents and delegates, as well as on some of the largest natural health stages in the country for both public and practitioners along side health experts such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Carl McMillan, Dr. Gerry Curatola, David Wolfe and Mercury Free advocate Robert F. Kennedy Junior.
Dr. Felice L. Gersh, M.D.
Felice L. Gersh, M.D.'s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in history from Princeton University, a medical degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine, OB/GYN specialty training at the prestigious Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles, and graduation from the 2-year Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona School of Medicine. Additionally, she has been trained extensively in functional and environmental medicine.

Dr. Gersh has a strong focus on the role of women’s unique rhythms and hormones, emphasizing the impact on female health of nutrition, timed eating, intermittent fasting, fitness, stress management, emotions, sleep, electromagnetic energy, and endocrine disruptors.
Dr. Shayne Morris
Shayne Morris Ph.D., M.B.A, C.N.S.  A Natural Product Biochemist and Molecular biologist specializing in beneficial interactions between our cellular biological systems and a combination of our microbiota with therapeutic herbal ingredients.   My research background in biochemistry and microbiology has yielded a number of peer reviewed publications with more on the way, in addition, I have multiple patents in the area of nutrition and microbiome research.   I am part of a legacy beginning with my grandfather and continuing with my ongoing passion for this industry.  My experience has now traversed over 30 years and has included many disciplines like: manufacturing, graduate research/teaching, corporate executive, regulatory compliance, product development and marketing. 

As part of my ongoing research we study how using specific phytochemicals and their influence on both our cells and our gastrointestinal, urogenital and skin microbiota.    This is perhaps the most revolutionary areas of natural science, it underlies the long-lived relationship between our cells, the microbiota (our newest organ) and the herbs we use as medicine.  Through these efforts we have shown how specific compounds (polyphenolics, vitamins and flavonoids, anti-oxidants) can influence our microbiome in unprecedented ways.  Together the new paradigm can provide more personal and effective formulas. I am also so infinitely grateful to have my family, Amy McKelle, Cambrye and Harper they are best experiment I have every performed. 
Dr. Allen Miner
Dr. Miner has been in private practice since 2003 upon graduating Cum Laude from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. He founded Health Quest Chiropractic in Albuquerque, New Mexico by himself with his father helping to run the front desk. Dr. Miner specializes in educating the public about how to create a lifestyle that will result in optimal health and improved performance. The practice has a specific focus on pediatric development, and optimal health in adults. Health Quest is known for education centered around the innate intelligence that we all have within us. This intelligence, is carried over the nerve supply from the brain. This is why proper spinal care is critical to a both a child's, and adults development.

Dr. Miner graduated from New Mexico State University with a bachelors degree in business finance. He is a member of the International Chiropractic Association. He is host of a the popular radio show and podcast called "An Ounce Of Prevention" on New Mexico's largest radio station 770 KKOB. Dr. Miner writes a weekly blog called the "Weekly Wellness Wisdom". He is also the founder of The Waves of Growth Foundation, which is an organization designed to educate the public about true health care and the wellness lifestyle. Proceeds from Waves are committed to furthering wellness research. 
Dr. Mark Mouw
Dr. Mark Mouw was introduced to natural healthcare when he was injured lifting weights the summer before began his undergraduate studies. The condition debilitated him to such a degree that he could no longer engage in any of the activities that he loved. On the advice of a friend, he sought out the care of a local chiropractic doctor as he was worried about the side-effects of medications and wanted to avoid a surgical intervention at such an early age.

The results not only transformed Dr. Mark’s health but also set him on a new path for his future. He completed undergraduate studies at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA with a bachelor’s degree in Science and a major in Biology of Health Professions.  From there he went on to attend and graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, but Dr. Mark’s education had just begun. He has completed many post-graduate courses and certifications in health, wellness, and technique related to natural healthcare and continues to do so regularly in order to stay current with the latest information and research.
Dr. Mindy Pelz
Dr. Mindy Pelz, DC, is crazy passionate about helping families stay healthy. For the past 22 years, she has been in the health trenches with busy, overscheduled families. She has built one of the largest holistic health clinics in Silicon Valley with patients coming to her from all over the world for her customized ketobiotic, fasting, detox, and nutritional approaches. Her focus is to give families simple, science-based effective health tools that have all members of the family thriving.

Her bestselling book, The Reset Factor, was released in 2015, giving people all over the world access to a clear step-by-step path to creating a healthy, vibrant, energy-filled life free from disease and suffering. The launch of her book ignited a “Resetter tribe,” an online group of like-minded people all supporting each other, exchanging health ideas, and cheering each other on to better health. Once a month Dr. Mindy leads her Resetter tribe through a free Fast Training Week, where all community members practice different styles of fasting together.

Currently Dr. Mindy’s passion is educating women on how to do keto, fasting, and diet variation to impact their hormonal health. You can find much of her information laid out in a very simple and easy-to-approach, motivating manner on her youtube channel.
Dr. Sonya Jensen
Dr. Sonya Jensen is a Mom of two boys, a business owner, a yoga teacher, a workshop leader and a Women’s Health Expert. After years of working closely with Women and their families her mission and purpose has become clear,  to Inspire Women so they can live free and balanced lives.

She’s a graduate of British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University where she received a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Pulled in the direction of helping others since the age of 5, Dr. Sonya pursued Naturopathic Medicine after University to explore the body’s healing potential and learn how to share it with patients.

Dr Sonya runs monthly workshops, retreats and has her own podcast called Women N Wellness. She believes it is her job as a Parent, Doctor, Employer, and Teacher to strive to be the best version of herself in physical, mental, and emotional health. It is through this work she hopes to create a ripple affect in the world to create more health self love and joy.

In 2009, Dr. Sonya and her husband Dr. Nicholas Jensen opened Divine Elements Naturopathic Family Wellness in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver, British Columbia where they help clients create lasting changes in their overall health and well-being for the entire family.

Tammy Stewart
Founder, Health for a Purpose, Grapevine TX.

Our mission at Health for a Purpose is to help you have optimal health so you can achieve God’s purpose for your life, free from the distraction of disease.  Tammy Stewart is the founder of HFP.  She is Certified Health Coach and Certified Cellular Detoxification Specialist.  She attends several seminars annually to keep up with the current research and always offer you cutting edge, science-based protocols.  Several things set us apart from other health centers.  One of our focuses is removing the sources that interfere with optimal health.  Cellular healing is another focus.  These are a couple of the things that ensure that we get optimal results from our protocols. 

Tammy grew up on a ranch near Abilene, Texas and graduated from Abilene Christian University.  She and her husband moved to Grapevine in 1986.  They didn’t plan to stay long, because they didn’t want to raise their kids in the “big city.”  But here they still are, so many years later! 
Dr. Melissa Sonners
Dr. Melissa Sonners, a Doctor of Chiropractic, has extensive training in Prenatal/Post-partum and Pediatric Care.  She is dedicated to bringing the latest research to parents and children, whether they are just trying to pursue healthy lifestyles or navigating the complex world of developmental delays and disorders.  Melissa completed the functional neurology childhood developmental course through the Carrick Institute, and she is also one of only 52 professionals who earned her Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics from the Academy of Family Practice in North America.

Dr. Sonners and her husband, Dr. Jason Sonners, met at chiropractic school and quickly discovered their shared desire to impact people’s lives. They have three children, and do their best to help educate their kids to be the healthiest versions they can be. 

Together, Melissa and Jason Sonners use their knowledge to create comprehensive programs and help patients achieve their health goals. Their patients are dealing with a variety of autoimmune and neurological conditions, allergies, autism, cancer and many others.  The doctors combine Chiropractic, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrition, Exercise, Detoxification programs and much more to help naturally support patients and guide them through their health challenges.

Drs. Jason and Melissa Sonners are the owners of Core Therapies Family Wellness Center in Northern New Jersey, a holistic center with eight chiropractors whose specialties include functional neurology, functional medicine, hyperbaric oxygen, pre/post-partum, pediatric and sports injuries. Core Therapies also offers acupuncture, massage, infrared, sauna, spinal decompression, yoga and laser therapies. They are also the owners of Nj HBOT and HBOT USA.
Dr. Caitlin Czezowski
Dr. Caitlin Czezowski DC, CFMP, CACCP is a doctor of chiropractic and certified functional medicine practitioner with extensive training in women's health, pregnancy and children.  The reason for all of the extra training was due to the fact that Dr. Caitlin’s health began to deteriorate after opening up her first office with her husband.

Her energy was almost non existent, menstrual cycles were so painful that she needed to be adjusted 3 times a day just to be able to leave the fetal position, she couldn’t breath through her nose (ever) and her brain clarity took a turn for the worst… so much so that her 90 year old grandmother’s memory was in better shape than hers. 

In her quest to find out the cause for this deterioration, she came across post graduate training in functional endocrinology and clinical nutrition. She finally got her life back tracing her root causes back to the dental work she had done as a teenager and young adult.  Through extensive research, she found that the majority of symptoms and illnesses can be linked back to the mouth and because of this, The Dental Detox was created. 

She is hugely passionate about finding the root cause of one's health issues and developing a safe and effective plan to reverse their symptoms and restore their quality of life.  She does this by working one on one with select individuals along with educating the masses through the Women N Wellness podcast, speaking engagements and social media avenues.
Dr. Gerry Curatola
Dr. Gerry Curatola is a renowned biologic dentist and the founder of Rejuvenation Dentistry, a holistic approach to oral and overall health care. Dr. Curatola’s prowess in dentistry combined with over 35 years of practice with biologic treatment approaches have led to the birth of an integrative dental care philosophy that considers the connection of the mouth, body, and spirit in overall wellness. Dr. Curatola’s master dental advice has been showcased on The Doctor Oz Show, Fox News, CNN, CBS, and ABC networks. He has also made appearances on The Martha Stewart Show, Katie Couric, and The Meredith Vieira Show. The Park Ave dental maven has also been interviewed for countless publications, and he has lectured to healthcare professionals across the United States and in more than 15 foreign countries. <BR><BR>Dr. Curatola serves as the Executive Director of Bioregulatory Dentistry at the American Center for Bioregulatory Medicine and Dentistry (ABCMD) in Providence, Rhode Island, the largest facility of its kind in North America, and Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at New York University College of Dentistry. He is listed in the Guide to America’s Top Dentists, the Leading Physicians of the World, and Top Dentists of New York. Dr. Curatola’s new book, The Mouth-Body Connection explores the bi-directional relationship behind oral health and systemic wellness.
Dr. Rafael Gonzales, PhD
Dr. Gonzalez obtained his PhD and BS from the University of California, Irvine where he studied, and his thesis addressed interactions of the immune system following spinal cord injury. In addition to his expertise in degenerative disorders involving the spinal cord, he has extensive experience in stem cell culture and biology from human embryonic, pre-natal and adult sources. Presently, Dr Gonzalez is responsible for the development of clinical stem cell applications for several disease/trauma states. Moreover, he works on clinical development of immune based therapies using natural killer cells. Dr Gonzalez has been in the stem cell field for greater than 17 years and has several scientific publications. In addition, he has taught, spoken and led many conferences nationwide in the regenerative medicine sector.
Dr. Jason Sonners, DC
Dr. Jason Sonners has always been fascinated by the machinery of the human frame and strives to learn everything and anything he can that might help even one of his patients. Always working to integrate new knowledge and practical experience, in addition to his Doctor of Chiropractic, Jason earned his Diplomate of the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition (DCBCN) and his Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK). He is one of only 250 professionals in the world with this distinction.

Dr. Sonners utilizes his combined training in various modalities to create comprehensive programs and help patients achieve their health goals. His patients are dealing with, among other conditions, a variety of autoimmune and neurological conditions, allergies, autism and cancer. He combines Chiropractic, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrition, Exercise, Detoxification programs and more to naturally support patients and guide them through their health challenges.
Dr. Steven Peyroux
Dr. Peyroux focuses on holistic and integrated models for healthcare have helped patients and practices meet and exceed their expectations for success since 1998. He has dedicated his life to excellence in healthcare practices and in business, and strives to help as many clients and patients that he can.
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Dr. Pompa does not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, he does not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and Dr. Pompa does not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Pompa has retired from chiropractic in order to more effectively pursue his dream of world health.
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