The #1 Event for Inspired Health Practitioners
to Increase Revenues, Impact and Influence
April 13-15, 2018 • Boca Raton, Florida
East Coast Practice Building Summit
Boca Raton, Florida - April 13-15, 2018
Do You Want to Increase Your Impact and Increase Your Earnings While Transforming MORE Lives?
You Deserve "MORE" and Will Discover How to Achieve it in Boca Raton.
1. ACHIEVE MORE! You know your professional and personal life can be better, and you need not only inspiration, but a simple-to-follow course of action.
2. PROSPER MORE! You wonder whether you are truly capable of earning in line with your dreams while living life in balance.  Work less to earn more, it is your future reality.
3. IMPACT MORE! You’re at least a little frustrated when you take a look around your community and note how many people need your help but never walk through your door.
4. HEAL MORE! You realize science is evolving and unfolding and an intensive connection to the newest healing science will throw you right to the front of the field.
5. ATTRACT MORE! Suffice it to say, you don’t love marketing, and you want a strategy that feels effortless and allows you to usher a parade of new patients through your door.
6. LIVE MORE! You feel limited by the number of hours in a day and would love to create streams of residual income and self-perpetuating profit center.
7. VALUE MORE! You are physically tired of standing over a table and you are tired of mundane and repetitive patient sessions. You want to 10X your value and rewards.
Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center
Boca Raton, Florida
Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center
Boca Raton, Florida
The people you meet at this event will change your life:
At this event you will meet and network with passionate practitioners who have
been called and chosen to awaken the world to true health and healing.

This unique tribe is serious about serving humanity, increasing their life visions and changing mankind. They know who they want to be and have a “Why” bigger than themselves. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They are truth seekers who foster a limitless mindset of abundance and creation. They take responsibility and produce results. Is this you?  Then you’ve found your tribe.
Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD
Dr. Cilla Whatcott
Andrew Wakefield
Dr. Daniel Pompa, PSc.D
Dr. Gerry Curatola
Brian Peskin
Dr. Gilles LaMarche
Dr. Don Clum
Dr. Brian Capra, DC
Warren Phillips, MS
Dr. Shayne Morris PhD
David Asarnow
Additional Trainers & Speakers...
We are adding more strategic trainers over the next few weeks, as they are confirmed!
Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD
Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a highly respected and sought-after cardiologist whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness.

His expertise is grounded in more than 35 years of clinical practice, research, and study beginning as an attending physician at Manchester Memorial Hospital (Eastern Connecticut Health Network). His career there included nine years as chief of cardiology, 18 years as director of medical education, seven years as director of echocardiography, three years as director of cardiac rehabilitation, and one year as director of the weight reducing program. In 1987, Dr. Sinatra founded the New England Heart Center. Through it, he became a well-known advocate of combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging, and psychological therapies.

Today Dr. Sinatra is active primarily as an author, speaker, and advisor for the research and development of nutritional supplements. He joined the Healthy Directions family of experts in 1995.
Dr. Cilla Whatcott
Cilla Whatcott, HD RHom, CCH, PhD is a board-certified classical homeopath with a B.A. from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four-year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD in Homeopathy.  An instructor at Normandale Community College, she’s also the author of “There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis,” and co-author of “The Solution - Homeoprophylaxis.”  
Cilla is the executive director of Worldwide Choice – an organization undertaking evidence-based research with homeoprophylaxis (HP) and training medically licensed providers to administer HP.  She offers individualized homeoprophylaxis programs for adults and children. Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada, and was featured in episode 7 of The Truth about Vaccines. She has organized and directed international conferences in 2015, 2016, and 2017 about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers from around the world.

Cilla has published articles in Pathways, Homeopathic LINKS, Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Holistic Mom’s Magazine, Natural Health365, GreenMedInfo, Fearless Parent, HealthyHomeEconomist, and WAPF’s Wise Traditions. She is the recipient of a 2016 public service award from the Weston A. Price Foundation for her work with homeoprophylaxis.
Andrew Wakefield
Andrew Wakefield MB.BS., is an academic gastroenterologist. He received his medical degree from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London in 1981. He qualified as Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 and trained as a gastrointestinal surgeon with a particular interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust Traveling Fellowship to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto. He was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the U.K. in 2001. Wakefield has published over 140 original scientific papers, reviews, and book chapters.

In 1995, as an academic physician working in a London teaching hospital, he was contacted by the parent of an autistic child with stomach issues. He soon learned from several other parents with autistic behaviors, that their children’s regressive behavior immediately followed an MMR vaccine. He started investigating a possible role between gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield participated in a study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The ensuing report, written with twelve other authors would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of Medicine.
Dr. Daniel Pompa, PSc.D
Dr. Daniel Pompa, America’s leading health evangelist, is on a mission to educate practitioners and the public on the origins of inflammation-driven disease. Although trained as a chiropractor, his authority is rooted in his own battle, having overcome neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning, using unique cellular detoxification strategies. For the past two decades, Dr. Pompa has been studying, practicing, and teaching True Cellular Detox™ around the world.

Research interests include therapeutic application of the ketogenic diet, fasting, ancestral-based health approaches, and cellular healing and detoxification. Past presentations range from “Ancient Healing Secrets,” and “The Ins and Outs of Ketosis: Clinical Wisdom,” to his personal story “From Pain to Purpose to Promise,” unveiling how his health struggles, family tragedy and legal battles have transformed him into a powerful evangelist to fulfill his purpose.

A leader in the field of functional medicine, Dr. Pompa’s work can be found at and on his weekly Cellular Healing TV podcasts which are viewed worldwide by thousands. In addition, Dr. Pompa’s speaking engagements on health include audiences of international presidents and delegates, as well as on some of the largest natural health stages in the country for both public and practitioners along side health experts such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. David Kennedy, Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Carl McMillan, Dr. Gerry Curatola, David Wolfe and Mercury Free advocate Robert F. Kennedy Junior.
Brian Peskin
Brian Peskin is a theoretical research scientist specializing in lipids-based pharmacognosy—a class of drug derived from plant-based sources; specifically, seed oils. A notable benefit with this approach is the minimization / elimination of harmful side effects. He focuses specifically on the modulation of physiologically targeted essential fatty acids (EFAs) in the cell membrane — termed Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) — and their eicosanoid metabolites. He is a translational science expert with a long-term interest in diabetes and its underlying pathophysiology. In 2002, he began extensive research on the relationship of PEOs and their metabolites to cancer and cardiovascular disease. Mr. Peskin’s work is focused on pathways that maximize oxygen delivery and blood flow to the human cell and maximizing tissue functionality. This knowledge allowed him to design a novel Investigational New Drug to heal chronic diabetic ulcers / wounds. Peskin holds three patents — with the key composition of matter utility patent granted in 2014.

A former engineer (BSEE-MIT), Mr. Peskin founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in 1995 – bringing the “cause-effect” accountability of engineering into the life sciences. Focus is on supporting and optimizing the patient's natural physiologic processes—not blocking or impeding metabolic pathways. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the results are novel, highly effective treatment for specific chronic diseases / disorders across diverse patient populations.
Dr. Gilles LaMarche
Vice President of Professional Relations, Life University

Gilles LaMarche is a passionate chiropractor who has practiced for more than 25 years in Northern Ontario, Canada. He is an avid student of the psychology and philosophy of success. He has spoken to audiences throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the author and co-author of more than nine books including Say Yes to Chiropractic Success and the Parker System for Professional Success. Gilles was named Canadian Chiropractor of the Year in 2006 by the readers of Canadian Chiropractor Magazine. He recently joined the staff at Life University.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding and passion for the profession that chose you, and know, without a doubt, why you must become the greatest practitioner you can be.
Dr. Gilles is called “The Peaceful Chiropractic Warrior” because he is always willing to take a stand to preserve and protect The Principle. He has spoken to over 200,000 chiropractors worldwide, and has remained on the list of Chiropractic’s Statesmen for more than 3 decades. Through relationships with amazing successful mentors, he has developed strategies to manage mindset as the key to ‘Live your life your way’. If you have ever been “stuck”, sit tight in your seat, and listen to Dr. LaMarche share the multiple strategies that you can apply immediately in your life. The one who knows, never needs to stay stuck, not even for a minute.
Dr. Don Clum
Dr. Don Clum graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA in 1997 with a degree in Human Nutrition. He then moved to Life Chiropractic College West in California where he graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2000. After graduation, Dr. Clum moved to San Jose, Costa Rica where he was invited to work with the Costa Rican Olympic Committee and Athletes. Dr. Clum participated in the National, Central American and Caribbean and Central American Games as the team chiropractor and as the official chiropractor for two professional soccer teams. As a frequent guest on National Television and Radio, Dr. Clum was influential in bringing the gift of holistic health care to the people of Central America and worked with the government programs, instituting W.H.O. procedures and working directly with the indigenous populations of Costa Rica. He was sought after as a speaker and has presented to various professional sports teams, universities, medical groups, medical and chiropractic schools, businesses and government agencies. Dr. Clum was instrumental in forming the first Colegio or “Board” and enacting the first legislation recognizing chiropractic as a licensed and legal healing profession in Costa Rica. In 2015 Dr. Clum was accepted into and started a Ph.D. program in Health Psychology at Northcentral University where his emphasis of study is centered on the relationship of chronic stress, food and general addiction cycle, and early onset of male depression in what is termed the Irritable Male Syndrome.
Dr. Brian Capra, DC
Dr. Brian Capra is a 2002 Graduate of Life University in Atlanta, GA. After building a successful practice in Princeton, NJ he discovered a fundamental flaw in traditional chiropractic software. Dr. Capra decided to look outside chiropractic to find a solution. He found that large organizations focused on customer experience, used technology in a totally different way. These enterprise level technologies were getting amazing results. He and his team began building the first and only, enterprise level, Patient Experience Technology.

For the past ten years Dr. Capra has been using the lessons learned and the technology that was built to improve the the retention, revenue, compliance and team productivity of hundreds of practices across the country as well as large organizations like Maximized Living, CBP, and Elevation Health just to name a few.
Dr. Bentley has been described as one of the brightest young leaders in the field of healthcare and preventative (lifestyle) medicine. A true innovator, Dr. Bentley emerged on the national scene with his engaging seminars and the release of his books Vessels that Thrive and Sex, Lies and Cholesterol, which are being praised by practitioners and lay people alike.

A passion and thirst for learning; Dr. Bentley earned his Medical Degree and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences graduating both summa cum laude. Prior to his venture into medicine he received his first bachelor’s degree in biology, went on to earn his doctorate in chiropractic and another bachelor’s degree in human biology, graduating both cum laude. Additionally, he completed two fellowship terms in gross human anatomy and has served as an anatomy and physiology professor. 

Dr. Bentley’s goal is to create tools and resources to educate practitioners on how to construct proven, objective, and quantifiable systems and protocols to help their patients reach optimal health
Warren Phillips, MS
Warren Phillips is the CEO and Co-founder of Health Centers of the Future. As a credentialed geologist, his background in environmental studies led him to understand the impact synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins have upon the human condition.  A career shift landed him a position as VP of Sales and Marketing for a prestigious supplement manufacturer, but after a short run of success, Warren felt limited and knew he had to grow further.  In order to have greater impact upon those in need, he pursued partnering with independent Health Care Practitioners to empower people, to protect them from being compromised by environmental factors the mainstream medical field didn’t yet understand.  Because of the deep pockets and marketing power of the conventional medical marketplace, Warren fast learned his best resource for sharing vital information was the internet, and with a determination to “get the message out” he became an expert and renowned 21st century marketer for the medical field.  His simple solutions to outperforming old, tired health-based marketing has landed the doctors Warren’s worked with on Page 1 of Google driving streams of new clients in search of answers.  In founding Health Centers of the Future with Dr. Dan Pompa, Warren availed his extensive marketing know-how to committed practitioners committed to making a difference in a field where true health restoration is rare.  He’s found unprecedented inroads into reaching people with serious conditions including thyroid illness, weight loss resistance, diabetes, and the diseases we’ve mistakenly come to associate with aging.  Warren also owns and operates Revelation Health, a company with a commitment to helping people cut through the nutritional confusion and find real answers to their health needs.  Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Warren lives with his wife and two daughters living the lifestyle and walking the talk.
Dr. Shayne Morris PhD
Dr. Shayne Morris, of Systemic Formulas, is a molecular biologist and herbalomic expert. Dr. Morris’ specialty and research is in the body’s epigenetic response to herbal nutrition. Thus Dr. Morris’ cutting edge research is recognized as exactly what is needed for nutritional solutions in the 21st Century. In 2010, Dr. Morris helped Systemic Formulas usher in a new era of clinical and nutritional support of the body’s cellular healing processes, establishing Systemic Formulas as the world leader in cellular healing. Dr. Morris’ research is chronicled in a series of Research Reports available to health professionals.
David Asarnow
David Asarnow an authority in the area of accelerated business growth and the psychology of why people buy has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales over the last twenty years. His clients have added millions of dollars to their businesses' bottom lines after implementing David's practical business advice. As a speaker, author, certified business coach, and master business and sales trainer, David has trained thousands of business professionals worldwide. It is David's passion to inspire others to believe in their dreams and their goals, and to have the confidence to take direct and committed actions to achieve them. David's passions are his family, spirituality, the outdoors, and helping business owners understand the psychology of success and how to incorporate this strategically in their businesses growth. Many of America's top companies regularly hire David to train, motivate, and inspire their teams to build their business like a champion.
Additional Trainers & Speakers...
We are adding more strategic trainers over the next few weeks, as they are confirmed!
  • Real Protocols
  • Cutting Edge Marketing
  • Simple Implementation
  • Success Strategies
  • Mindset Mastery
  • Mission-Based Passion-Driven Keys to Professional Growth
At this Event You Will Learn How Understanding True Cellular Detox Will Transform Your Practice...
  • Increase patient outcomes such as weight-loss
  •  Increase collections and new clients 
  •  Create a new marketing machine for office visits
Watch & Read Testimonies From the Previous Seminar Attendees...
  Well organized. Entertaining and informative with cutting edge current research combined with user friendly technology.
  The True Cellular Detox program is nothing short of genius. Makes my job of educating patients/clients a "no brainer.
  Thanks for all the experts that you gathered together. I know you come from the same place, the heart. You are quite a team.
  I honestly got more out of this seminar than any other I have attended. When I came home, I thought and spoke differently. I have spoken with more authority and value for myself and my services, and we've had a huge week at my office.
  I was impressed and it was exactly what I was hoping it to be.
  The speakers and content were amazing. I liked the mix of clinical and business and personal development topics.
  Everyone was great, clear, confident with their information. It's nice to hear speakers speaking from truth.
  I got a lot of great information. The highlights for me were getting information from Dr. Pompa that will help with my Doctors report, such as adding more value, the fact that people buy on emotion not logic, and several others. I also loved the holistic dental presentation. I have been much more diligent about talking to patients about dental amalgams. All of the information presented was great.
  The speakers and sessions were great! Your team knocked it out of the park!
What You Will Learn at the #1 Practice Building Seminar...
  • You’ve heard conflicting information on the virtues of ketosis. At this event, you’ll learn the newest cutting edge science regarding ketones as performance aids, as well as super catalysts for healing and weight loss. Get to the root of the controversy and gain direct access into what the leaders in the field of keto-adaptation know to be true.
  • You already understand the risks and hazards of heavy metals. What you didn’t know was that some of the most oft-used Detox methods amplify the problem. There are five things you need to know to actually rid mercury, lead, and other dangerous metals from the cell. You’ll also confront the new heavy metal and chemical subluxation threats that may soon be branded as the plagues of the 21st century.
  • Your patients look for counseling as to what they should eat. The science shows one of the greatest nutritional healing strategies is based upon what you don’t eat. Intermittent fasting has proven to be an extraordinary modality for health restoration and cellular healing. It may be the most important discovery in anti-aging and hormone optimization.
  • You’ll learn how to reach the three hungriest markets, with inexpensive and time-efficient marketing strategies proven to be fail-proof in generating new patients.
  • Learn how to impact, influence, and command change, and until the public wakes up to a better medical approach, how to break through the public resistance that has people locked in to “what my doctor said.”
  • Learn to implement a simple turn-key functional nutrition program taking you from marketing to closing, from implementing to sending patients off with a clean bill of health.
  • Learn how, in a field where value is subjective, to build extreme value enough to get everything you deserve.
  • Learn to break out of old tired financial models that LIMIT income to $200 per hour and earn in line with the value you deliver and turn your time into significant dollars.
  • Learn how to create flawless presentations for qualified audiences, mastering “The Art of the Talk.” Learn why the top presenters “close” and how you can capture their thunder.
  • Learn how to create a virtual practice or is it simply a dream.  The 5 steps to get you there while staying ultra-profitable in your existing business.
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Hear What Your Colleagues are Saying...

Dr. Karl

"February was my highest weekly and monthly collections in 10 years of practice! $71,000.00 in one week, and a total of over $215,000.00! Thank you HCF Seminars for all of your support!"

Dr. Werner

"What good is understanding the answer, if we aren't getting the truth out there! Even hope has to be marketed and HCF Seminars knows how to get it done!"

Dr. Sarah

"Within the last month, I have hosted seminars that have reached over 50 attendees, seen over 20 new patients, and I am currently working with 10 committed patients that are getting their lives back! Thank you HCF Seminars for the passion and vision you have to truly give people hope and lead them to a life of greatness!"

Dr. Brant

"HCF Seminars are some of the best I've ever been to. No one puts it together like HCF. From marketing to getting those patients in, changing your head space, how to charge for it, etc. They are much simpler and much easier to understand for doctors and patients!"

Dr. Joe and Dr. Deb

"We came to HCF in April. We loved what we heard and were very familiar with much of the information. We went back to our practice, listened to the HCF videos, met with the labs and began using them. When we came back this weekend, we spoke with the doctors involved and were inspired by their stories. Hearing more about protocols, accountability and head space excited us. We were ready to jump on board!"

Dr. Kristin

"After stopping my practice for over three years, HCF has inspired me to use my God-given talent to help change lives. I never dreamed that their brilliant tutelage could ignite my passion and give me the tools to set up a new successful practice in a few months! I will be forevere grateful to the team that has revived in me, the courage to open my doors again!"
*If you stay for the full first day of our event and decide this is not the event for you we will give your full investment price back to you.
Our Event will infuse cutting edge testing and natural support protocols for degenerative conditions.

The systems and programs you will learn at this seminar can be applied in your office the day you return. Practitioners will also learn how to effectively market degenerative conditions and integrate nutrition into their practice. You will learn the science to get to the cause, marketing strategies to bring in new patients and protocols to meet the needs of these modern day conditions. To learn more about our seminars and receive a free consultation.
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Dr. Daniel Pompa is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA) as a Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine (PSc.D) to provide PS&M services to health-conscious individuals seeking natural, scripturally-based approaches for addressing chronic health conditions. Dr. Pompa’s services are provided to individual clients pursuant to the PMA Practitioner-Client “Agreement for Wellness Services.” For your reference, detailed information about Pastoral Science & Medicine and the benefits of subscribing to PMA’s Health Network are available on PMA’s website. If you have a complaint about our services or you wish to check the status of our license, you should contact the Pastoral Medical Association.

As a PMA licensee, Dr. Pompa does not practice conventional medicine. More specifically, he does not examine, diagnose or treat, or offer to treat or cure or attempt to cure, any mental or physical disease, disorder or illness, or any physical deformity or injury; and Dr. Pompa does not recommend or prescribe, or recommend changing dosage or discontinuing, any prescription medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Pompa has voluntarily relinquished his chiropractic license in the state of Pennsylvania in order to more effectively pursue his dream of world health.
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